• Map — Identify an area of interest.
  • Our — Engage your community.
  • Place — Look for patterns.

The purpose of Suprmap is to provide communities with information that will guide decision-making. Unlike other sites that ‘serve up’ information about specific locations, Suprmap aims to use online mapping technology to solicit input from community members, near and far, about the qualities of a place that need improvement, preservation, or change. As a result, community members can integrate local knowledge about places into city and regional planning efforts. Suprmap provides each user with the following functionality:

  • Creating a map containing an area of interest;
  • Developing a set of questions to ask your community – question library is provided, although based on the application, users can create their own;
  • Administering a survey, using the area of interest and relevant questions; and
  • Mapping results of responses online or as a downloadable file.

The pages of this site contains more information about Suprmap, including examples of applications, resources for asking precise survey questions, and the descriptions about how to interpret results. As Suprmap is continually revised based on input from users, please consider providing comments or questions by using the ‘Feedback’ link at the top of this page.

Suprmap was produced by Dr. Vivek Shandas at Portland State University’s Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, with all rights reserved.